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April 8 , 2021


Dear Editor,

I do not understand why the Guyanese Government brags about vaccinating only 100,000 people by June. Government needs to stop playing politics with our lives. Such a slow vaccination process will only allow the COVID-19 disease to penetrate the population more and cut down lives unnecessarily. 

Government must take immediate actions to save lives. Government can easily access one million COVID-19 vaccines to cover the entire Guyanese population in a short space of time.  In around the middle of May, the U.S will see a surplus in its vaccine supply.  This means that government should be able to at least purchase vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  These companies have produced COVID-19 vaccines with high efficiencies and they are in circulation throughout the world.  These vaccines have been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Further, I will say it again, the PPP/C government needs to stop playing politics with our lives, especially in a pandemic. To this end, the $25,000.00 GYD COVID cash grant is a political act and a total disrespect for the poor people of Guyana. What can you get with this money? I bet only tamarind balls and sugar cakes.  

Government needs to treat its people right. Our fellow Guyanese are dying unnecessarily in a pandemic because the pandemic is largely mishandled by this government. Government must increase the cash grant substantially.  It must also secure the best vaccines, face masks and hand sanitizers for its people. Government has our oil money. Please spend it on us. We are hurting and dying unnecessarily. Jagdeo should not be the only one who decides when and how to spend the oil money. Government also needs to conduct a survey and listen to the man in the streets.  Guyanese are hurting.  And even with a change of government, things have not improved for the majority of Guyanese. The only people living the good life are those from the PPP/C.


Annie Baliram

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What is Baliram complaining about? The PNC didn't even bother to distribute hampers during the worst days of the pandemic last year. At least the PPP is distributing the vaccines available to the citizens of Guyana. Meanwhile the PNC still focused on last year's elections so Baliram should accept that Guyana is still better off that the PPP is in charge instead of the very incompetent and corrupt PNC.

Yesterday, I went to the re-opened Costco, as a Business Centre, wearing.the mask the.fools require and felt sick, nauseous! I took a few breaths and steeled myself, thinking of.other other things and got the fk.out of.there! This is not the first time.this has happened at Costco! It's in the breathe, yet they want you to wash your fing hands! When I wanted to buy.more polypropylene to.combat.the EM radiation, the young lady at Fabricland that they were getting a hard time getting more because the government.had ordered that the face masks must now be made of polypropylene! Yet I haven't seen anyone wearing polyproplyene masks! But then I don't see so well after my glasses, with a broken arm, had disappeared when I was kidnapped to be in hospital, because I had influenza according to the proved lying policeman, reappearing in my fing closed briefcase, arm repaired, a year later!  No good to me now as my vision requirements have changed! Now, when I try to buy.writing paper to launch my.lawsuit against the criminal.cabal, I'm told that the Ontario government has put a ban on the sale of writing paper because of the pandemic! But they can sell paper cups and plates! I searched in my home for writing paper I had bought months ago! All disappeared except for a few I had on the dining table under some Chicken Jerky for my dog to prevent it being eaten by a sewer brown rat launched in my home after a Humane Society idiot came asking if I had a new dog as someone had reported I had a new dog (I told him I still.had only one, the Australian Shepherd, and the criminals have done something to her hind legs requiring her to pull herself up climbing the stairs! Like me! Laugh, cain, laugh! Here's your fing cue)! The last one they killed (now six), the most agile, graceful, loving German Shepherd I ever had, would go crazy whenever they launched a sewer rat in my home! So, he had to be killed! And cain thinks these people are intelligent and must be listened to! Maybe, his little green eyes have partially eaten his brains! The rest is not worth bothering with as it's shit covered! If not laced!

Sewer rats spread disease! If I get any disease, I will first reason it out! But I won't cure myself! Not until I  visit the governments in Ottawa and Toronto and the local municipal security guards they call police! And share, baby, share!

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@Ramakant-P posted:
Guyanese must follow the simple rules and don't listen to the pricks on GNI who want to blame the PPP for COVID deaths.  It is not the PPP's fault if the People don't follow the rules.
Wear a mask. Save lives.
Wear a mask
Clean your hands
Keep a safe distance
General public health information

What a stupid kunt you are, kunt! You post about your doctor friend's experiences and now this shit?

@shallyv posted:

What a stupid kunt you are, kunt! You post about your doctor friend's experiences and now this shit?

I am not surprised that you got infected with COVID-19 virus so many times.

If you call that which I posted is shit then you are an idiot.

You should read about your own fake experiences. You lied about them.  Don't tell me about what I posted. The Canadian Government approved what I posted.