Guyana tops list of countries to be blacklisted -

…result of APNU/AFC non-support

THE incomprehensible, indefensible position of non-support of the legislation to combat money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) – a position that could very well precipitate political suicide of the joint Opposition, has already begun impacting negatively on Guyana’s socio-economic dynamics.
Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, is quite certain that mischief is afoot, given the pre-disposition of the key leadership members of the Opposition to put their power and money hunger above the national good and the welfare of the Guyanese people.
Banks, insurance companies and business houses are already lamenting the escalating price of transactions with international institutions; and the impacts on the ordinary man will graduate incrementally until every facet of their lives will be impacted in negative ways, with less disposable incomes and escalating prices for every commodity, because the manufacturing, business,   banking, agricultural, commercial, shipping – every sector will be subjected to heavy and costly scrutiny and interventions by global organisations with which they do business.
Of course, the fallout will fall on the ordinary citizen of Guyana. Their every transaction will have a heightened cost.
The cost of inputs in the agricultural sector will go up, so foodstuff prices will appreciate; overhead costs of manufacturing goods (especially since they stymied the Amaila Falls) will go up, so the item prices will skyrocket; remittances to Guyanese families by family members living abroad will be considerably reduced because those hiding and working without documentation would not be able to conduct transactions through remittance agencies, because of the intense scrutiny that will be required; most likely, the cost of processing documentation and the length of time will increase at embassies.
Simply put, there will be a perception internationally that every Guyanese, every Guyanese business, every Guyanese institution and organisation, every Guyanese charity – everything or person having any relation or connotation to Guyana and Guyanese will be subjected to sanctions and scrutiny that are reserved for countries that have notable money-laundering economies and terrorist activities. Guyana and things Guyanese will become pariahs to the rest of the world – a distinct dishonour that we suffered under the PNC administration – a place they intend to catapult us back to by making Guyana non-compliant with the requisite imperatives.
Given the history and the general dynamics of the leadership of APNU/AFC, one can only conjecture that this certain political hara kiri by the leadership of the joint Opposition will bring them great rewards, both in political and financial terms, because the only persons who can benefit from their intractable positions that would take Guyana’s developmental paradigm down a severely and swiftly downward trajectory would be people who do not want those laws passed in the first place – the drug barons, money launderers and the cartels in general.
Their most vociferous MP was Abdul Kadir, who is currently in a US jail for engaging in terrorist acts.
Many of their leaders defend members of cartels, self-confessed murderers, and criminals in general, even subverting the course of justice in many instances.
Is it any wonder they are so complacent and uncaring of the agony of all stakeholders over their intractable position? At a dinner with the private sector, David Granger reneged on an earlier promise to support the Bill.

President Donald Ramotar, who has publicly and during private engagements appealed to the good sense and patriotism of the leadership of the joint Opposition, has laid the blame squarely on the APNU/AFC for their recalcitrant stance and their playing with the lives of the Guyanese people with their grandstanding on the issue in and out of Parliament, despite ardent appeals from stakeholders from every sector, as well as the ordinary man in the street, including their own supporters, who will all be affected by Guyana being blacklisted by CFATF; and even moreso, by FATF when that body meets in Paris, France in mid-February.

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