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A piece of raw sewage like you expect to fetch a high price. That is the extent of your stupidity, ignorance, and plain dumbness. When you were born ait caused a shortage of Stupidity, ignorance and brainless heads, you were the sole reason. So no wonder your head is so big, you took all the filth, illiteracy, ignorance and dumbness. God please help the Dummy!!!

Drugb posted:
GTAngler posted:

Absolutely lock them up if found guilty. I do have to point one thing out because there are some here who like to push the theory that everything changed overnight. These men all have 4 years plus service which means they were hired under someone else's watch.

Given their race, wouldn't it be safe to assume that they were originally hired as PNc supporters and continued to be PNC supporters up to the time of the crime?  The only difference is that they performed this dastardly act under the watch of the PNC where this type of slackness is encouraged. 

Given their race? I have two relatives that were firemen in Linden at the Bauxite plant and they are both Indos and were hired while the PNC were in power. Both staunch PPP supporters. Never assume anything.

Iguana posted:
kp posted:

The dumb fire men were thieving in the presence  of security and other airport personnel  some were off duty came in to thief. If they were satisfied with their job and life was not hard they would never thief. International  Shame.

Absolute nonsense and loutish reasoning. America, Canada, Europe, all with high standard of living have teefing. And in the government and first responder ranks too. It is human nature. You see government as the solution to everything and dismiss the importance of personal integrity and character. You are to be forgiven, you were raised under the communist Jagan.

I used to work in the JFK Airport area and you'd be surprised at the variety and volume of things that "fell off a truck".

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