–now ranked as amedium development country Guyana

Guyana has moved two points up on the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index and has now been ranked as a medium human development country, a report issued on Wednesday said. Guyana is now ranked at 117 out of 187 countries having moved up two points. The UN human development report stated that Guyana’s life expectancy was now approximately 69.9 years, while its gross national income per capita on an international base of 2005 was US$ 3192. The three dimensions upon which the report makes its ranking are health, education and living standards. Four indicators are utilised which are life expectancy at birth, mean of years of schooling, expected years of schooling and gross national income per capita. In an invited comment on the report, Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy said that there have been dramatic improvements in the quality of life of all Guyanese since 1992. He noted that more investments have been made in the health, education and social sectors when compared to the past administrations. Ramsammy explained that as the report states “ every year there has been an improvement and movement upward in the human development” taking place in the country. He said the manifestations occurring now are the work of focused investments in the country’s devel opments when it first took office, advising that there will be many other positive development recorded in the UN human index over the next few years. “ Now that we are back on the rise, social human development factors are improving and I believe that you will see a more accelerated movement of Guyana upwards in the ranking in years to come,” the health minister noted. “ The philosophical ap proach has changed signifi cantly,” Ramsammy stated, while explaining that now more than 40 per cent of the country’s national budget is dedicated to meeting the needs of the social sector which includes the education, health, justice and other sectors. Ramsammy pointed out that in 1991 less than seven per cent of the country’s budget was investment in the aforementioned sectors.

He also noted that the focus was on trying to get the productive sectors up, while other important sectors were neglected. The minister said that the advancements made in the health sector has spillover effects on all the other related social sectors, noting that the gains made in the country’s life expectancy rates, which have increased by 10 years since the early 1990s, impacts directly on education attainment and standards of living and social development.

Ramsammy said the records are there to show the investment and gains that government has made with respect to charting the course of development, especially human and social development, within Guyana. The report has been released at a time when there has been much criticism from the opposition forces during this elections year that “ nothing has been done to develop the lives of the people of Guyana under the leadership of the PPP/ C administration”. Some 70 countries altogether are ranked behind Guyana with more than 37 of them being ranked as having very poor human development standards. Among those ranked in this category are Haiti, Nepal, Afghanistan, Congo, and Tanzania. Meanwhile, the report also states that Latin American and Caribbean nations are reducing wide income inequalities, while taking steps to confront deforestation and other environmental threats that could slow human development gains in the region. It notes that despite developmental progress in the region, rapid deforestation and other environmental dangers could sideline regional achievements and hamper advancement. The report also called for bold action within and across nations to address climate challenges, such as rising sea levels that will have profound impacts on Caribbean islands and mainland coastal areas. “ The world spotlight will turn on Latin America in June 2012 when the UN Conference on Sustainable Development is held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20 years after the landmark UN Conference on Environment and Development was held in the same city,” a release from the UN noted. The report also notes that several countries have been successful in combating poverty with community- level programmes that provide minimum wages and guarantee social services. “ Such initiatives can be both effective in outcome and cost,” the report said, citing as examples Brazil’s Bolsa Familia and Mexico’s Oportunidades programmes that cover about one- fifth of those nations’ populations at a cost of about 0.4 per cent of GDP. The index and study said that the Latin America and Caribbean region is also endowed with untapped renewable energy potential, pointing out that the most notable are solar and wind power.
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A blind snake and a blind rabbit bumped into each other in the jungle. Sorry" said the rabbit "But I've been blind since birth and I don't know what sort of animal I am". The snake had sight when born but had become blind, so he offered to check the rabbit out and tell him his species. The rabbit agreed and the snake slithered all over him."Lets see" said the snake "Furry body. large ears. whiskers and a round fluffy tail and long back legs. Hmm - you must be a rabbit""Thanks" said the rabbit "Can I check you out please?"The snake agreed and rabbit felt him all over. "Okay. large at the belly and big at the mouth, empty in the head, forked tongue. Good Heavens.....it's the PPP"
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I wonder what is guyana's ranking when it comes to human trafficking and sexual slavery of children? Bet Jagdeo and the other pedophiles will not be addressing that in any of their speeches.

LIke providing lil school girls for the Commissioner of police and minister of home affairs and lil boys for the likes of Kwame McCoy! Jail coming soon!
Things about Guyanese fascism I didn’t know

August 12, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under

Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

The PPP Government has been in power nineteen years. In these two decades, many fascist and cruel policies have crept up on us that we simply didn’t know about and don’t know at the moment that they exist. If you think we had dictatorship under Burnham, then read the next line. You face a mandatory prison sentence for unlawful assembly if found guilty.

I honestly could not conceive a government can be so cruel until I found that out in one of the magistrate’s courts two weeks ago. If Burnham was as bad as the PPP makes him out to be then all the PPP first and second tier leaders would have been in jail under both Burnham and Hoyte. The last time I got arrested for unlawful assembly was outside the National Assembly in a street demonstration against the budget in 1989. They locked me up for the night then released me the next day.

I wasn’t charged for unlawful assembly. How did that change to the law creep up on us under the PPP? From Dr. Jagan right down to the little boy in the PPP’s youth arm, unlawful assembly was a common practice by the PPP against the PNC Government. Back then it didn’t carry automatic imprisonment upon conviction.

There should never be a mandatory prison term if found guilty on a charge of unlawful assembly. I could understand an arrest for committing violent acts during an unlawful assembly, but for the act itself to result in jail is downright fascism. No other Caribbean country, I presume, has this kind of draconian legislation.

History moves in strange ways. Chavez thought he was the king of Venezuela until he got apoplexy when he saw the results of the election to the National Assembly. Overall, he got less votes than the opposition. It is doubtful that he may win the forthcoming presidential contest.
Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for thirty years, had to be wheeled into court on a stretcher. He suffered global humiliation as the pictures were flashed around the world. His sons, charged with him, were confined in a prison cage. Mubarak is facing the death penalty.

These were powerful and rich men in the Middle East just months ago. The same can be said about Gaddafi and his sons. They were the crème de la crème of Libyan society, basking in power and wealth. Today, if they leave Libya they will be arrested. If they stay in Libya, they face eventual defeat and a firing squad.

Just two months ago, Rupert Murdoch was one of the globe’s most powerful oligarchs. In Britain, he was the real monarch. It would not be an exaggeration to say that in political circles in the world today, he is a pariah.

In Guyana, the time is drawing near when those who impose fascist legislation upon the people will end up being tried under those same Hitlerite rules.

Mr. Ravi Dev frowns on descriptions like “fascist,” “Hitlerite,” and “evil” being applied to the PPP Government whose excesses, extremism, authoritarianism, and repression he currently obfuscates in his writings. Mr. Dev should tell us when and where in the PNC Government under Forbes Burnham that he so despises, unlawful assembly resulted in definite jail if the accused was found guilty.

One can imagine the hubris and hauteur that penetrate the collective psyche of the PPP. Arrest and trial can never visit them. They will forever win election. They greet predictions by their critics that they will face prosecution after the 2011 poll with contempt and derision. But history moves in strange yet poetic ways.

Basdeo Panday was the owner of the UNC until he was voted out of the party’s leadership by his own members. So assured was Patrick Manning of his invincibility that he called a snap poll two years before it was due. He lost and today cuts a pathetic figure in Trinidad.

In Guyana, men and women in the PPP continuously sermonize their supporters with myths of the Burnham dictatorship. But that bell is rung out, that song is sung out. Young Indians do not know about Burnham, they don’t know about PNC dictatorship. All they know about their country is what they see. They see Ed Ahmad who shipped 29 tons of stuff to State House being arrested by the FBI. They see the sexual abuse of young girls by powerful politicians. They see the theft of billions of the Guyanese people’s money by these very politicians. And they will vote them out of office and into the Camp Street prison.
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All they know about their country is what they see. They see Ed Ahmad who shipped 29 tons of stuff to State House being arrested by the FBI. They see the sexual abuse of young girls by powerful politicians. They see the theft of billions of the Guyanese people’s money by these very politicians. And they will vote them out of office and into the Camp Street prison.

Oh, how I pray that day is soon. I cannot wait to see those sob's thrown in prison.

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