Guyana Judo Association host successful 2018 Republic Grand slam tourney

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As Guyana celebrated its 48th Republic Anniversary in its glory and colorfulness, the Guyana Judo Association hosted its first Major Judo Grand Slam for 2018 at the impressive Muslim Youth Organization’s Tarmac in Woolford Avenue which coincided with the Republic celebrations across Guyana. students of the Guyana Judo Association 2018 Republic Grand slam.

Joshua Buchanan and Erskine Trotman, who represented Guyana at International Tournaments, also competed fiercely to earn a place for their upcoming overseas assignments.

The event featured athletes from four clubs in Georgetown and one on the Western Bank of Demerara.

The Tournament closed with the President, referees, and executives of the Guyana Judo Association congratulating all the athletes competing in the tournament. The most outstanding award went to Abdullah Eastman who was judged at the best overall fighter, while the best technique went to Ishmael Allicock of D’Urban Street Dojo.

The association would like to thank Trophy Stall for their sponsorship, Bettencourt’s Foods Inc of D’Urban Street, Fazal Nazeem Grocery of Independence Boulevard, the Muslim Youth Organization, ISA Islamic School, Modern Grafix of Anandale ECD, Barkos Financial and Optimum Communications Inc, both of D’Urban Street Wortmanville.

The final Results were as follows:

The Gold Medal Winners

Name            Division          Club

Yusuf Britton            Junior -30kg     Kitty

Huzaifah Barlow        Junior -50kg     D’Urban Street

Rayon Yaw               Senior -66kg     Rising Sun

Abdullah Eastman      Senior -73kg    Kitty

Earskyne Trotman       Senior -90kg    Kitty

Stephone Hanebarry   Open            Rising Sun

The Silver Medal Winners

Name            Division         Club

Ibrahim Edwards        Junior -30kg    D’Urban Street

SimionAllicock          Junior -50kg    D’Urban Street

Keron Bourne           Senior -66kg    D’Urban Street

Corwin D’Anjou         Senior -73kg    Rising Club

ShannardMentus         Senior -90kg    N/Ruimveldt Multilateral

Earskyne Trotman       Open            Kitty

The Bronze Medal Winners Winners

Name            Division          Club

Usayd Barlow           Junior -30kg    D’Urban Street

Junaid Barlow           Junior -50kg    D’Urban Street

Naeem Yaseen          Senior -66kg    Kitty

Joshua Buchanan        Senior -73kg    N/Ruimveldt Multilateral

Delvern Luthers          Senior -90kg    D’Urban Street

Corwin D’Anjou         Open            Rising Sun

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