Guyana Hockey Board/Smalta/iCool Water U14 League…Marian Academy girls and Team Uzzi boys successfully defend titles

Mar 26, 2018 Sports, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...fully-defend-titles/

The curtains closed on the second annual Smalta/iCool Water U14 Indoor Hockey League Friday evening at Marian Academy with host team and Hikers Hockey Club’s (HHC) Team Uzzi once again emerging victorious in the girls and boys competitions respectively.

Marian Academy Girls

The Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Warriors gave the defending girls champions an early scare in the semi-finals when striker Kirsten Gomes, who had been outstanding for the Warriors scored in the 2nd minute of the game. It wasn’t until the 7th minute that tournament top-scorer, Sarah Klautky, was able to equalize. Klautky doubled her tally in the 15th minute leaving Marian to defend their 2-0 lead until the end of the match to advance to the final. In the other half of the draw, Saints Hockey Club’s (SHC) Spontaneous edged out St. Joseph Divas 2-1, with the Divas putting up a tough fight. The St Joseph teams are relatively new to the game of hockey, debuting last year in this tournament, and have vastly improved since. Marian had a much easier go in the finals against SHC Spontaneous with Sarah Klautky scoring 3 times guaranteeing herself the most goals prize and Madison Fernandes scoring once to defeat Spontaneous 4-0.
HHC Team Uzzi dominated in their boys semi-final blowing away SHC Slayers 9-2. Baraka Garnett, top Scorer for two years running, scored 5 goals, while MVP Samuel Garnett scored 4 goals. SHC Supreme closed the first half of their semi-final against SHC Scorpions 2-0 and responded to Robert Marcus’ lone goal to close the game 3-0 and move on to face the defending champs. HHC Team Uzzi had a much more difficult go in the finals, failing to score on multiple occasions despite being awarded 2 penalties during the match. In the end, it was Baraka’s goal in the 5th minute that secured Uzzi’s victory for a second year.

HHC Team Uzzi Boys

Most Promising Player – Selena Ajudia GCC WARRIORS
Most Goals – Sarah Klautky MARIAN ACADEMY (15 goals)
Most Promising Player – Vladimir Woodroffe GCC WAR DOGS
Most Goals – Baraka Garnett HHC TEAM UZZI (11 goals; 2nd year winning this prize)
MVP – Samuel Garnett HHC TEAM UZZI

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