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Chronology of Democracy thru Elections in Guyana

1 .1992 Elections ,after voters turn up to vote  at  the place of poll and their names wasn't on the voters list ,they showed up to protest at the GECOM Office , an area was prepared for them to vote ,the votes was never counted.

2. 1997 Election declared null and void 3 years later . The court found that about, 30,000 persons, just under one- tenth of the total eligible voters, were denied the chance to exercise their franchise. Source

3. In 2006, the AFC won a seat in Region 10 of which Samuel Hinds squatted on for five years. The AFC did file an elections Petition, which was never heard.

4. In 2011, the then CEO of GECOM Mr. Gocool Boodo attempted to give the PPPc an extra seat for them to have a majority. However, this was thwarted by Commissioner Vincent Alexander who was alert and avoided such. Hence, the APNU+AFC was given parliamentary majority.

5. In 2015 Elections . Again, attempt was made to change figures by way of inserting β€œfake SOPs”.The act was thwarted.

6. March 2, 2020 elections ???

Blasted Putagees always messing up the country. If is nah the Blackman dey siding wid is the kulie ppl dem. All deviousness. D'Aguiar always sey Amerinds and them is one, eversince he coaxed Randolph Cheeks. Suh, Shuman is a Putagee too.

Sorry Cain my brother.

Singh sey he goan mek sure there is no opposition in Guyana. Imagine a man in the government seying dat. I know dey up for the frigging rigging. There is no one to hold him accountable, Shithole place he making sure of.

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