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NO time to experiment

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President David Granger presenting bicycles to the Linden students

…President rallies Linden for big LGE victory

PRESIDENT David Granger on Wednesday evening called on Linden to reward the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) with a big win at the November 12 Local Government Elections, warning them against experimenting with other parties and to shun the main opposition, which he said had crippled local democracy for 22 years.
President Granger was at the time addressing a large crowd of Lindeners who converged at the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre in support of the APNU LGE candidates for both Linden and Kwakwani. Linden campaign manager Valerie Yearwood, who is also Minister within the Ministry of Communities; Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally; Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira, along with several regional and municipal councillors and other officials were also present.

President Granger, in keeping the campaign spirit alive, alluded to the many positives that were derived from the return of LGEs that have been visible not only in Linden, but countrywide. He noted the commissioning of the Linden Magistrate’s Court, which has saved Lindeners thousands of dollars from travelling to Vreed-en-Hoop to conduct legal business; the budget for Region 10 was increased significantly; communities were lit up with street lights, as well as improvement in solid waste management. His government, he said, will continue to support Linden and its development and much more is in store for the town.

The President articulated that the country has seen much development, even in the four new towns and because of the removal of LGEs for 22 years, development had been stymied. The former administration removed some 38 NDCs and replaced with them Interim Management Committees (IMCs), which he deemed undemocratic. This was also the case in Linden.

“We cannot support a party that has had its foot on our necks for 22 years and refused to call elections… Guyana has had its last IMC; this is an opportunity for you … this is the party that has created four towns in the last three years… the PPP was keeping Guyana underdeveloped,” President Granger told the gathering. He added that LGEs have been used to transform Guyana, to bring about change and to provide better services at the community level.

This, however, can only be done through cooperation among the three tiers of government: central, regional and municipal. While this is evident in Linden, the President said, in some regions this is not being practised and can even be seen in the absence of regional officials when he visits these areas. “That is what is holding back this country, that is what is holding back development,” he posited. This, he noted however, is not evident in Linden and residents are keeping their leaders accountable, while urging the candidates to prove themselves and remain accountable and responsible to the electorate.
“ LGE would have allowed for those who feel they are worthy to serve, to prove themselves to their constituents… it is you, the representatives of those communities, who must inform and instruct and direct their representatives on how to provide services for their communities.

“Local Government Elections are special, you have to prove yourself; you have to demonstrate your care, your passions, your capability, to serve these constituencies. We are in the stage my brothers and sisters, in which we are at a new form of democracy, not only one that will promote the development of Linden, but one that will empower the residents, that will make them more conscious of the needs of their various communities.”
As the LGE date draws closer, the APNU leader urged the candidates to remain conscious of what is needed to bring Linden to a higher level and to work to the satisfaction of their constituents. He said he is excited for what is to come for Linden and for Guyana post-LGE 2018.

Region 10 PNCR Chairman Deron Adams in his short address noted that the APNU was the only contesting political party that held constituency primaries and this shows the parties’ stance for community involvement. This, he said, was a reflection of President Granger’s mission to strengthen and consolidate communities and ordinary citizens, since their voices matter.

Don’t experiment
He said it is not time to experiment, but to execute; and that is what the APNU is ready for. “Victory for the APNU will improve your life,” he told Lindeners.

After the formal part of the programme, the residents were given a chance to air their concerns, many of which dealt with community issues and issues relating to their disappointment with the representation received from regional and municipal officials, in prioritising their call for help. The residents complained about the economy of Linden and stressed that there needs to be candidates with vision, since this will enable development.
President Granger urged the Lindeners, however, to get involved in the entire process and to work along with the candidates in realising their visions. President Granger also hosted a prayer breakfast with members of the religious community and regional officials at the Watooka Guest House on Wednesday morning. The President also presented bicycles to over two dozen Linden students at the primary and secondary levels. A sewing machine was also donated to a disabled entrepreneur in Linden, who manufactures shopping bags to sell for a living. The LGE ANPU candidates for Linden for Constituencies One to Four in respective order are Lawrence Simon, Steven Massiah, Leroy James, outgoing Deputy Mayor Wainwright Bethune, outgoing Mayor Waneka Arindell, Lorna Calvan, Fern McKoy and Gary King.

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Gee red hat and shirt, with thousand dalla hea and dea. But dem bhai drink rum, sleep  and feget to vote. Na worries, dem unda age teenaga pick up de rest.  Election  is good time in Guyana, wid all de freeness.

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