Govt commitment to improving Amerindians’ lives reiterated during Region 8 outreach

Georgetown, GINA, September 29, 2011
Source - GINA

Traditional welcome from Kanapang residents for the visiting team of Local Gov’t Development Coordinator Harripersaud Nokta, Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall, Region Eight Chairman Senor Bell and Regional Executive Officer, Ishwar Dass

Development Coordinator and former Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Harripersaud Nokta, Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall, Region Eight Chairman and Regional Executive Officer, Senor Bell and Ishwar Dass respectively and other officials met with residents of Kanapang, Itabac and other surrounding communities in the North Pakaraimas from September 26 to 28, where they reflected on the major developments taking place across the hinterland regions of Guyana.

Harvest of fruits and vegetables at Kanapang

The team received a warm welcome by residents who greeted them in traditional Amerindian fashion with dancing and singing.

At the meetings with residents the team highlighted some of the improvements that have been made in areas such as education, health, roads and bridges and other infrastructure from which all Amerindian communities are now benefiting.

Nokta at the Itabac meeting noted that Guyana has already met the Millennium Development Goal on access to primary education for all by 2015.
He stated however that Government intends to extend on this goal by providing better educational facilities such as schools and other technological developments.

Health outpost at Itabac

“The PPP/C government believes that every child should be educated and take his/her rightful place in society,” he said.

He made reference to the national school feeding and uniform distribution programmes and other services that enable parents to ensure that their children attend school.

Nokta informed the residents of Government’s plans to shortly construct another secondary school in the Pakaraimas so that education will be made even more accessible to children in the area.

He alluded to the growing Amerindian population and the fact that the administration is investing heavily in the social services to ensure that each child is adequately provided for.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Nigel Dharamlall addressing children and residents at Itabac

Referring to the advancement of Amerindians, Nokta made reference to Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues Birkett who he said is “the face of Guyana in the international world.”

He added that power for the PPP/C government is the provision of all the social services which will enable growth and development in Amerindian communities.

Itabac Toshao William Peters thanked the team for visiting the community and expressed gratitude to the administration for the assistance and the services provided by government.

Residents and the visiting team on the new bridge that links Itabac and Kanapang

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall at Kanapang, restated Government’s commitment to work until the lives of all Amerindians are improved.

“Government’s work is not done until every man, woman and child in every Amerindian community is comfortable,” Dharamlall stated.

This commitment, he said, is in keeping with Government’s vision for improvement in all Amerindian communities.

At Kurukubaru, Regional Chairman Senor Bell highlighted that all the households in that community have solar home systems regardless of their political affiliation.

New Health centre at Kanapang

Community Development Officer Agrico Phillips urged residents to cooperate with the Government and fellow residents to advance the development of their community.

Residents were also given the opportunity to raise issues of concern with the team and during the discussions residents expressed concern about a water problem in the community. The team committed to resolving the issue with the responsible contractor.

The regional officials also committed to providing some of the materials needed to conduct repairs to the bridge in Kurukubaru.
In addition residents were also assured of government’s help in securing the necessary tools to aid in agriculture production in their community.

During their visit the team had first hand experience of developments in the communites. For instance Kanapang has a new bridge that links it to nearby Itabac, agriculture is very much practiced as evidenced by their harvest of bananas, yams, oranges and other crops, schools and health outposts are scattered across the villages and teachers’ quarters have been erected in certain areas to ensure children receive an education.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Nigel Dharamlall hands over an ATV to a community health worker to conduct her tasks. Also witnessing the hand over are Development Coordinator Harripersaud Nokta, and Regional Executive Officer, Ishwar Dass
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