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Should they get back into power, they will turn a blind eye to the trafficking problem. 

How you know this? You gat cristal balls? 

Guyanese are smarter today.

The worst crime any government can commit is to steal an election in broad daylight, if they can steal an election, they will tolerate anything and will shield themselves from the people. 

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Note the words "serious allegations". That's what they were. Ronald Bullen, a negro was the US ambassador then. Do you really think he was there to look after the affairs of equal justice and fairness? He was there for his mattie. Then you had FatBoy Cheeseburger Gary Hunt: Taking it from Trotty in the rear. See the conspiracy? Why no recount that the PPP requested?

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Hey hey hey...when BJ was minista of finance de man seh doan touch dem drugs bais. Dem is bring in USD and hurt Merika...today in dem coolie village dem lil bais does mix mix de coke wid dem likkas. Hey hey hey...

Hey hey ,by accident i was connected to a group call ,i am in the group ,with an old timer who knows the shenanigans of MOF ,the old timer was close to Jagan,lots of info in the conversation about BJ .The fellas caused CBJ heart attack ,also responsible for his death, he was not supposed to board an aircraft.

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You didn't answer the question.    This is the kind of response  you get from stupid people...   

Uncle Rama you need to get out from under your rock.

The government identified 156 victims in 2018 (106 for sex trafficking and 50 for labor trafficking), compared with 131 identified victims in 2017. The government referred 93 victims to shelter and psychological services, compared with 115 in 2017. The government screened 11 potential child trafficking victims (10 sex trafficking and one labor trafficking) in 2018. Despite the noticeable increase of victims from Venezuela, the government lacked standard operating procedures for protecting foreign trafficking victims.


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