God has not forsaken us!

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Dem boys feeling holy today. Dem read dat:
40 days The flood lasted;
40 years Moses fled Egypt;
40 days Moses stayed on the Mount;
40 years Exodus lasted;
40 days Jesus fasted;
40 days between Lent and Easter;
40 days tell the woman to rest after giving birth;
So, what about the Bible and the number 40?
Remember that we are in the year 2020 (20 + 20 = 40)
40 days for the spiritual liberation of our nation.

During quarantine, rivers are becoming cleaner; vegetation is growing; the air is healthier because of less pollution; there is less theft and less murders; families are bonding again, eating at the table; we are praying more for our neighbours; the Earth is at rest for the first time in many years.

God has not forsaken us!

In the Bible, whenever the number 40 appears there is a β€œchange” during that time, no matter how horrible that time may have been.

Dem boys wan tell yuh this is the time to pray like never before! God is giving us all a chance for renewal of our faith, to come back to him as ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!

Dem boys also want all a dem wah kerfuffling with the election results to know, that dem boys can try them in 40 hours and jail dem for 40 years each. In 40 days dem boys can even count elections for all the Caribbean countries.

Talk half and pray for dem crooks who wan steal de elections.

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