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What Recourse does Madam Chair have to make a declaration of the election winner considering these possibilities?

1. Government commissioners no show or submitting their resignations.

2. Lowenfield & D-CEO continues to defy madam chair's order.

3. State of Emergency? 

4. What other remedy is there to avoid further delay? 

5. What is the likelihood we will get a declaration tomorrow? 

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@Baseman posted:

Banna, ayoooo trust that woman, I don’t. She’s pretending to want to do right but being prevented.  She’s using the same tactic as granger until he was exposed. 

I think she wants to do the right thing but her loyalty to the PNC is getting in her way. I do think she will end up doing the right thing though. Maybe she is also afraid of retribution from the PNC.

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