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This is one example of what Jagdeo said during the PPP 23 years in office. The PNC made notes and practice them to its advantage. (Like giving you a taste of your own medicine). For one to think that the PPP is and always been clean as a whistle, you have to be stupid. The PNC is worst in many cases, but they are more likely to bully the PPP than the other way around. If you call me a thief, I will live up to my reputation is how the PNC function. Can you blame them? 

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Prince posted:

From the horse's mouth

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Stop fooling your supporters, your own words come back and bit you today.

The list was indeed defined and the process of conducting country-wide was undertaken at that time in the early 2000's.

Guyana laws stipulate that after the initial country-wide process, GECOM was to maintain regular updates of the election list.

Current information indicates that GECOM failed to perform its duties.

It is important that the list must always be maintained updated because the law stipulates that a snap election must be held within three months after the successful passage of a non-confidence motion in parliament.

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