From a shaat crook to a baccoo

From a shaat crook to a baccoo

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The media in the USA has gone wild on Trump, Dem calling him all kinds a names. Dem calling him an idiot, a liar, dishonest , unholy, unhealthy and unethical.

Dem even call him a mad man, Dem seh he insane and not fit to hold the office of president of de United States.

Dem seh he is a danger to all mankind. Dem boys seh we got people wid Trump qualification and style right here. De only thing is dem don’t have de body and height like Trump.

In Guyana dem boys does call dem Shaaty. Pee Pee Pee had one and he do a skundle of bunt. Dem boys still waiting to see him behind bars in pumpkin jump suit.

Soulja Bai got he shaaty too. This one look like a baccoo and talking like a baccoo. He suh shaat and ee jumping to defend that criminal enterprise oil company. Dem boys want to know how much he draw down. He had to draw down big fuh trying to jump suh high..

This company rab every country blind, lef nuff people disabled in every race. Dem kill animals and nuff fish in dem oceans.

De shaat mad man in Soulja Bai camp eyes pass people. He should not even be representing the de kids in de orphanage or de men and women in de mental asylum much less representing our money. He seh all who against that thiefing oil company is jokers.

Imagine a thief man walk in you village and you ringing a bell and alerting de people. Then you village councillor of all people calling you a co-chore

Well, well shaat man dem boys seh look in de mirror to see de biggest joker.

De Waterfalls paper expose so much wha de oil company do around de world yet this idiot ain’t see it fit to address those issues. Instead, he seh he govt gun spend de two cent dem gun get on developing Guyana and its people.

Dem boys want to know who ask him or de govt anything about that. Idiot, nobody asking how y’all plan to spend de li’l money wah y’all gun get from the oil.

People asking and hoping how de govt plan to deal wid that scampish company and prevent de tax thief from leaving us more broke than yesterday.

Talk half and hope he don’t join de odda shaat crook in a pumpkin jump suit.

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