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@seignet posted:

Keep pumping out all dat oil from the ocean floor, it is going to be like an iceberg broken off from the ice cap. The ocean floor sinks from water pressure, turbulances are invoked-Guyana ends up like the lost city of Atlantis. Lost juss like the City of Manoa.

The there is Dwarka - India. According to folklore, Dwarka is the home town of Lord Krishna, a placed believed to be an old wives tale, a myth, that is until the ruins were discovered 131 feet below the ocean.


@Ramakant-P posted:

Let's hope they finished building the seawall higher as they promised before your imaginary tsunami comes crashing into the coastlands.

It's not imaginary at all, uncle Rama. Guyana has been lucky and dodging the bullet aka the mighty Atlantic for quiet some time now. God forbid, an earthquake even a minor one is sufficient to write off the entire coastal region.

One time a few years ago when I was there, I was on the walls and had a first hand view of the power of the water. It's indeed a frightening sight.

I've seen it.

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