Ray posted:

they leave an 800 number to call back..I called the number, it gives you options to pay bills or review account, clicked on review account, once I hear the accent, I knew it was a scam...ah tell he to haul he mudda skont

Bai yuh gat nuff tolerance. I don't even answer the phone if I don't recognize the number and I only answer calls from family members. Everyone else can go to the voicemail. 

One day a female with an Indian accent called me about owing the IRS and what they will do to me. They did not know I know the IRS process.  

Anyway, I played along and chatted with her nicely.  Then I proposed a dinner date and I will bring the check.  She handed it to a guy who asked for the money. I told him I don’t deal with fags.  He gave me a long cuss down!

Few weeks later the broke up a ring in Thani, India.  I used to visit that town frequently when I lived in Bombay. 

Billy Ram Balgobin posted:

All kinds of people are involved in telephone scams. I get calls everyday about expired warranty on my car and the recent denial of my disability claim.  I just hang up 

Extended warranties are a scam. When you go to fix, all sorts of reasons why it’s not covered. 

Chief posted:


What' s going on Bro?NOw you see why Carib is correct?


What do you think of the Nigerian Negroes who scammed the seniors for thousands of dollars? I get emails all the time telling me about this large sum of money or a BMW I about receive and I need to send $800.00 or $900.00 to uplift it. Are these tree-dwellers altar boys?

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