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Abu Jihad posted:
ksazma posted:

I am thinking that I would be better served by buying an EZ pass when I get to JFK. It will help me getting into trouble with the toll plazas and the lower toll for EZ pass users would pay the cost of it. What are your thoughts about that and when would I get my first chance to buy one.

Call Chief, he is my NYC tour guide.

I am worried Chief might keep me in the masjid all weekend. πŸ˜€

Kaz. Enjoy your trip to NYC. I bought my EZ pass at a rest area a few years ago and have it linked to my credit card. It took about 8 hours to be activated. 

Watch out for dem Lungera on Liberty and the bird droppings along the overhead subway line. Other than that, NYC is fun and four days Are just about right.

Parking is also a major hassle and watch out for dem Guyanese standing and β€œholding” parking spots. 

Billy Ram Balgobin posted:

I experienced the same problems with tolls in Fl. The rental companies charge at least $10 per day to cover tolls even though I never used so much. I got around it by purchasing a Sunshine pass which I put on my rental car.  I believe you can do the same with NY EZ Pass.


That is what I am trying to avoid. Plus having the transponder makes it smoother going through the toll plazas.

ksazma posted:
skeldon_man posted:

Have a safe trip. If you happen to see Prince on Liberty Avenue, please borrow somebody cutlass and drop a couple of broadsides on him. Tell him compliments of Skeldon_Man.

Hopefully there are no Guyanese on Liberty when I get there. What are the chances? πŸ˜€

ZERO. Without Guyanese, Liberty Avenue is like Skeldon with the closed down factory.

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