Apply the paranoia to resolve the problems of this world. I believe the Jews are conspiring to destroy the blacks, ancestors of Christ. Don't feel too proud of being Indian. Five dollars for a pack of hotdogs at the supermarket is insane here in New York. The mental health system is a joke although I need the psychotropics. Repressing our spirit by denying us sex is a cause of anxiety and the intellectual world scorns this so to hell with the education system and the court system. The "TRUTH" cannot be trusted. A new language has to be developed to crush the conspiracy against man by God caused by money and buying exchanges.

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cain posted:

Ron mah man you were missed for the insight you share on each visit.

I thought a woman captured you and sat on you....ever had a woman sit on you Ron?

I am glad you are happy with your reality. Women hold me up to a standard due to the aliens so I'm not supposed to get horny with a woman sitting on my lap.

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