Flip Flop Democrats, Once Comey fans for saving Hillary, Now piling on.

Flip-flopping Dems, once big Comey fans, now piling on
Published October 31, 2016 FoxNews.com
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Democrats change tone on FBI director Comey
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For Democrats singing his praises just months ago, FBI Director James Comey is no longer the paragon of impartiality.

The bureau boss is now the target of barbed Democratic attacks for his decision to notify lawmakers Friday that investigators were reviewing newly discovered emails related to the Hillary Clinton server case. And some of the same Democrats who over the summer defended Comey in the face of Republican pressure have emerged as his toughest critics.

Topping that list is Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader who fired off a letter over the weekend to Comey informing him his actions may have violated a federal law known as the Hatch Act, “which bars FBI officials from using their official authority to influence an election.”

Reid accused Comey of a “double-standard” in his treatment of sensitive information, saying: “Through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law.”

But Republicans argue it is Democrats showing a double-standard. Reid, after the bureau announced no criminal charges in the Clinton case back in July, previously called Comey a “fair, impartial director.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” that whoever wrote the latest Reid statement had to be “under the influence.”



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No, you see it the way you want to see it not as it is...nah worry though is a Jagdeo PPP peeps dem thing.

This is the reality.

Reid saw an illegal act carried out by someone he previously stood up and fought for and yet he was man enough to speak out against it.

He is DA MAN.


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