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People don't fathom me and I'm wondering if that's deliberate. Maybe that's why they don't buy my books because they don't want to fathom me to come to an understanding about me and I'm always fathoming people. Maybe that's why negros say what are you looking at. I don't think they're able to wonder like me and they communicate to circumvent that. Yes they're being offensive but they don't want people to say that. 

When they say fat ass they are implying a fathom of the butt to quantify and also when they fight they use fathoming to win. When we are unable to quantify our nature then we would have a problem to function with them. They must realize that not only black lives matter. 


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@cain posted:

Ron you wearing the bandana too tight. .messes up your thinking.

I guess your thinking has to be messed up to detect what's happening that normalcy covers. One thing you have to be careful of when you try to figure out the unknown is that you have to maintain your sanity at the same time. I believe they don't want to play with their souls and that's what's causing the problem. I guess the children win with this scenario, they play. 

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