I realize the machine and computers are not taking Auto control because I restrict my fart. The evidence is people don't move out of my way when I approach them and the thought is they don't want to correlate with my force. The breeze of the fart is their intelligence and mentality and you can feel it on your face, such as a shy feeling. It seems the one in one hundred women that I see that are attractive do not respect that fart command mode as if they hate my soul. The thoughtless form of thought and memory like what's behind you is the test that can change the physical for the better. Under observation you can see this as people that are not looking at you. They may be the angels as your flesh. 

Ratio box 1:box 2 enable man and disable god


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I believe there are covert operations against kim jung un. I am a schizophrenic and believe they've tried to kill me because I make sense with paranoia. They (truth) don't want me to think. I hope you stay well. I think they control our thoughts from the space station. Like you, I don't know a way to verify my thoughts. Aliens would have to confirm our beliefs since paranoia is not recognized by psychiatry. They (truth) don't want the spirit to take control of intelligence. They use the church to create the disbelief of the word and feelings. I am sure guyana's economy was destroyed by American intelligence. I wish I could go back to Guyana and live but I don't have the money. everybody is posting oblivious of a conspiracy. please buy my books. 

You people don't help me. What's the use posting. Non of you are questioning the establishment because you are getting what you want from America. People, they destroyed the mind and economy of Guyana and India. Do me a favor and identify them. What realm are they in.

They (truth) caused the devastation in Texas. Those newspersons are fooling us on CNN. Let's see how they guide IRMA (hurricane). System: AUTO control. Information Technology is for a price/not fair.


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