Face of a terrorist?

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That is an offer I cannot afford to turn down.

An Indo-Guyanese dude from Atlanta is a White House Secret Service agent.

If he is security for Trump, he must be asking why God is pissing on him.

Regarding Melania, someone has to water that garden and I am willing to contribute.

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Kaz can I come along in case your bat snaps?

Get your own ohman dude.

Last summer Vancouver was plagued by forest fires so one day while chatting with Tola I told him I would do a rain dance for them. I pulled out my rain stick and did a..hi yaaaa hi yaaa heyyy Hi ya hi ya heeeeyyy while doing the rain dance, next day the banna contacted me and said they actually had rain..SO

Better hope I doan do a bat breaking dance to the gods yeh. Hi ya Hi ya heeeyyyy.....

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Pointblank posted:
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Yeh, he finally blew up himself. I hope he said praise to Jesus instead of Allah o Akbar. Lol

The man acted like one of them Middle Eastern jihadist, he blew himself up, just like them. Maybe, he larn from dem.

nah he ah wan Christian Crusader (Wan Choir Boy)

A long-time neighbor confirmed to the Chronicle the family was known on the street for their large religious gatherings at home every Sunday

Chronicle is Nagamootoo paper.  Don't believe everything you read.

cant expect better. not only Guyana have Chronicle

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