ExxonMobil confesses love fuh Soulja Bai and ee team

ExxonMobil confesses love fuh Soulja Bai and ee team

Mar 13, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...lja-bai-and-ee-team/

Exxon proppa shower sweet talk pun Soulja Bai and ee team. De first body dem meet was Trotman. Then dem meet Harmon, Greenidge, Jordan, Patterson and Gaskin.

When dem meet wid Soulja Bai Rod Henson watch ee full in ee eye and seh; You are the essence in my mauby, de fish in my fishcakes; We love you, love you dearly.

You are the lard oil in we bakes and de coconut in we sweetbread.

Then Henson meet Greenidge and tell him; you is de pigtail in my rice; Just like piece of curry goat head. I will love you till I dead.

When Henson meet Gaskin, he seh “You are the sardine in our gravy, de dumplings in we soup, we love you more than we belly.

Yes we love you bad fah true.

Then dem go and meet Harmon and wid a big smile, dem seh, you like de banana leaf round we conkie. We will always stay close to you. Sweet like sugar in your bush tea, we’ll do anything for you.

Dem had sweet words fuh Jordan. Dem tell him, you is de sauce round we Cou Cou; hot like sweetbread when it done, we will stick to you like dandruff. We gun be like de corns pon your toes, like de fat round your belly. We’ll be everywhere you go.

Dem meet wid Patterson and tell he, “You is we black pudding, and we know we is you souse.

When you call, we will come running like when a tom cat see a mouse.

Brasington was de one who fuss meet Trotman. Dem boys hear de first words to him was, “Oh my pepper on my pork chop, sweet like sorrel when it mix. When my hands caress your body, you feel just like a couple-six.

He tun and tell she, “You are sweeter than a snowcone. I will give you all I own; You are sweeter than a hambone, Soft and sweet like piece ‘o’ pone.

Exxon sit down and tell all of dem in Texas, “No one can tek me out of Guyana; not in this life or death.”

I want tell all of you, we love you all.

It’s just dem Mofos at de Waterfalls paper we caant tek.

Talk half and know that de Waterfalls paper can’t tek all you Mofos too.

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