Exxon got Guyana sucking brick

Jan 17, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...uyana-sucking-brick/

When people look at de oil situation, dem always finding a problem because the oil situation got nuff problems. People now looking at wha Suriname get after it find oil and comparing de Suriname situation wid Guyana.

Guyana get two percent royalty. Suriname get six per cent. Guyana fiddle wid de tax against ExxonMobil; Suriname tax its oil company 36 percent.

When dem boys see dem things, dem get vex. Dem done know dem would never get rich at de rate de contract going but dem want to mek sure dat dem get a good share of dem oil wealth.

When de oil company announce dat it find oil, de news was like candy to a baby. De whole of Guyana was like li’l babies. Dem didn’t know nutten bout oil and fuh certain dem didn’t understand de tricks of de trade.

But dem start to learn and dem learning quickly. Dat is why dem vex wid de oil contract dem leaders sign wid de oil company. It feel like if de oil company tek de candy out of dem mouth and stuff brick instead.

Dem boys don’t have to imagine de situation. Just compare de taste of a piece of brick and a candy. Is dat kind of situation mek de Trinidad Prime Minister collar BP (British Petroleum) and get dem to change de contract fuh de gas dem was collecting.

De man tell de company dat any contract dat benefits one side can’t be a contract. Dat is how he manage to get an extra small piece from BP. It was not too hard a bargain.

Dem boys want Guyana to do de same thing. Dem feel dat dis contract benefit only Exxon. Of course de money is Exxon but whatever money dem spend dem gon benefit. Is like when you spend you money in de market and then go home to cook and enjoy wha you buy.

Exxon spend its money and will enjoy wha it buy but it still want to enjoy more. Dat is why Guyana sucking brick.

Talk half and watch how Guyana trying to get back something.

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