Exxon contract mek PM end up in hospital

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Nobody does put cat fuh watchman milk. It is unheard of.  When you put cat fuh watchman milk, you can’t expect fuh tun yu back and come back and see milk. Milk does disappear.

But nuff time cat get blame because dem boys drink out de milk and seh is de cat.

Exxon find milk and Soulja Bai mek a mistake and put de Baccoo and Trotty fuh watch de milk. He fuhget Baccoo can’t live without milk and banana. Exxon know dat, suh dem decide fuh start minding de Baccoo from Day one.

He did get e-mail complaining how de Waterfalls paper talking too much and if he don’t stop dem is done de milk done. He got to drink black tea.

As for Trotty, de big lawyer, he had to get milk, banana and honey because ee sign de lopsided, one-sided oil contract.

Dem boys gun go to dem grave believing dat Exxon share bribe.

De sweetheart deal –de give aways–in de oil contract not even Soulja Bai grand pickney dem will allow dat fuh pass dem eyes.

Suh nobody woulda expect lawyers and season politicians fuh pass dem eyes.

Soulja Bai, you need to wake up. People don’t want believe is yuh minista dem sign dis contract. Tell de nation it’s a mistake, please.

Tell de nation is not you put a cat and a baccoo fuh watch milk. Dat contract is wha send Moses to hospital and dem boys don’t want you follow Moses.

Today is Valentine’s Day and everybody know is fuh lovers. Nuff people gun wear red and white, including de Waterfalls boss man.

Nuff man gun carry out dem woman to lunch and dinner but dem got some man who got nuff woman does find excuse to get rid of some on day like today.

Brassy want get rid of ee sweet woman. He buy two egg and ask she fuh boil one and fry one. De woman do exactly wha he seh and he get vex.

He seh’ “Woman. We done from today.”

She ask he “Brassy, wha happen?”

He seh you fry de egg wha you suppose to boil and you boil de egg wah you suppose to fry.”

Talk half and listen to de people who really need de milk.

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