Extra Beer/Ballers in the Summer Street Football… Future Stars, ESPN, Lot-20 flawless on opening night of group play

Aug 13, 2017 Sports, http://www.kaieteurnewsonline....night-of-group-play/

Future Stars, ESPN with an upset win over Dave and Celina All Stars of Linden and Lot-20 were all flawless with two wins apiece when round-robin play in the Third edition of the Second Ground Entertainment / Extra Beer Ballers in the Summer Street knock-out football tournament kicked off on Friday night at the Pouderoyen Tarmac.
Future Stars posted wins over Samaroo Dam and Tiger Bay; ESPN downed Hustlers and Dave and Celina All Stars, while Lot-20 defeated Back Circle and Tucville in their matches.
Sixteen teams are contesting the group stage with the top two from each advancing to the quarter finals.
Group matches were expected to continue last night at the same venue. Following are the respective groups.
Group A – Show Stoppers, Agricola, Tajo’ Admiral, Speed Boat. Group B – Tiger Bay, Lot 20, Samroo Dam, Gully Side. Group C – Bagotstown, Dave and Selena All Stars, Hustlers, ESPN. Group D – Future Stars, Tucville, Silver Bullets, Back Circle.

Following are the results from Friday night’s matches:

Game-1 – Silver Bullets-2 vs Tucville-0. Damion Williams-10th and 23rd.
Game-2 – Lot-20-1 vs Back Circle-0. Own Goal-5th.
Game-3 – Dave and Celina’s All-Stars-2 vs Bagotstown Warriors-0. Kennard Simon-4th, Joel McKinnon-12th.
Game-4 – Tajoe’s Admiral United-0 vs Showstoppers-1. Marvin Josiah-11th.
Game-5 – Future Stars-0 vs Samaroo Dam-0. Future Stars won 3-2 on penalty kicks.
Game-6 – Hustlers-0 vs ESPN-1. Kevon Lythcott-6th.
Game-7 – Agricola-2 vs Speed Boat-1. Agricola scorers, Collis Samuels-3rd and 10th, Speed Boat scorer, Amoniki Buntin-7th.
Game-8 – Tiger Bay-0 vs Gully Side-0. Tiger Bay won 1-0 on sudden death penalty kicks.
2nd Round
Game-1 – Back Circle-1 vs Silver Bullets-0. Jermaine Beckles-9th.
Game-2 – Tucville-0 vs Lot-20-0. Lot-20 won 3-2 on penalty kicks.
Game-3 – ESPN-0 vs Dave and Celina’s All-Stars-0. ESPN won 2-1 on sudden death penalty kicks.
Game-4 – Future Stars-1 vs Tigerbay-0. Jamal Cozier-4th.
Game-5 – Bagotstown Warriors-0 vs Hustlers-0. Bagotstown won 2-1 on penalty kicks.
Game-6 – Agricola-0 vs Tajoe’s Admiral United-0. Tajoe’s won 2-0 on penalty kicks.

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