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Exhilarating performances displayed at ASK-G National Karate Championships

Feb 20, 2018 Sports, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...arate-championships/

There were some surprising and stunning performances recorded by Karatekas on Sunday last at the YMCA, Thomas Lands when the Association do Shotokan Karate – Guyana (ASK-G) held its 2018 National championships. release form the organization stated that Joel Kellman’s Empi Kata was excellent for a Brown Belt level despite not winning a medal. However, Two superb Kata performances by Roger Peroune stole the show.
Speed, timing and sharpness of technique mesmerised the judges and spectators earning him first place. Kellman, one of the future stars of the sport once again performed creditably in the Kumite, placing 3rd place amongst the Black belts.
However, Peroune eliminated his first opponent in very short time and the final match against seasoned veteran Keith Beaton saw him being victorious acquiring the coveted Kumite first place.
There were 40 categories, 20 in Kata and 20 in Kumite contested which showcased athletes in the 5-6, 7-8, 9-11,12-14 and 15-17 years old categories battling each other for supremacy.
The Female Katas were as strong as their Male counterparts earning Rebecca Wesley first place, while the Kumite saw two disqualifications due to excessive contact; Kristine Ramkissoon emerged victorious.
In the 15-17 males, strong performances from Trevon Miller and Charles Benjamin earned them first and second place respectively in the Kata division. The Kumite saw just as fiery combat as the adults resulting in Trevon Miller and Shemar Parkinson placing first and second.
Over 80 competitors drawn from the East Bank, East Coast, West Bank, West Coast and Georgetown, participated.
The officiating judges were Clinton Moriah, Bhagwandin Persaud, Roger Peroune, Keith Beaton, Mahadeo Ramotar, Malcolm Francis, Laurence Lowe, Patrick Gurahoo, Leonard Leuwassie and Rebecca Wesley.

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Following are the full results of the day:
Category             Kata          Kumite
5-6 year old           1st Reya Sookwah          1st Reya Sookwah
Females White-Purple           2nd Jaiya Harricharan          2nd Samiyah Duncan
belts          3rd Samiyah Duncan          3rd Jaiya Harricharan
7-8 year old               1st Piya          Parasram          1st Piya Parasram
Females Green-Purple           2nd Amara Nandan          2nd Amara Nandan
Belts          3rd Jazara Hewitt          3rd Jazara Hewitt
3rd Tharisha Montesdeoca       3rd Vannesa Persaud
7-8 year old           1st Anya Insanally          1st Sienna Sookram
Females Brown-Black           2nd Sienna Sookram          2nd Anya Insanally
Belts                    3rd Emily Santana-Leon          3rd Emily Santana-Leon
9-11 year old            1st Chelsea Benjamin          1st Rayniah Bridgewater
Females Brown-Black           2nd Raynise Bridgewater         2nd Raynise Bridgewater
Belts          3rd Rayniah Bridgewater         3rd Chelsea Benjamin
12-17 year old           1st Cindy Sookwah          1st Cindy Sookwah
Females White-Purple           2nd Jasmine West          2nd Jasmine West
18+ Females           1st Rebecca Wesley          1st Kristine Ramkissoon
Brown-Black Belts          2nd Kristine Ramkissoon         2nd Aolione Griffith
3rd Tulsidai Ramotar          3rd Rebecca Wesley
5-6 year old           1st Zareezyah Levans          1st Zareezyah Levans
Males White-Orange            2nd Javy Archibald          2nd Daniel Cox
Belts          3rd Daniel Cox          3rd Javy Archibald
5-6 year old           1st Mark McCalman          1st Obinna Utoh
Males Green-Purple           2nd Obinna Utoh          2nd Mark McCalman
7-8 year old           1st Nathan Narine          1st Adrian Bhawanidin
Males White-Orange           2nd Adrian Bhawanidin          2nd Jelani Jones
Belts           3rd Jelani Jones          3rd Nathan Narine
3rd Nicolai Adolph          3rd Isaiyah Proctor
7-8 year old           1st Bohan Cao          1st Murduoq Boyce
Males Green-Purple           2nd Yijun Huang          2nd Amrit Singh
Belts                    3rd Amrit Singh          3rd Yijun Huang
3rd Nick Sookdeo          3rd Nick Sookdeo
7-8 year old           1st Pierre Grant          1st Pierre Grant
Males Brown+Black           2nd Kishan Ragubeer          2nd Harikirtan Singh
Belts               3rd Harikirtan Singh          3rd Kishan Ragubeer
3rd Abhigyan Chatterdeo        3rd Abhigyan Chatterdeo
9-11 year old             1st Leandre Holder          1st Brandon Foo
Males White-Orange           2nd Brandon Foo          2nd Leandre Holder
Belts               3rd Mark Phillips          3rd Mark Phillips
9-11 year old           1st Jeremy Hargobin          1st Jeremy Hargobin
Males Green-Purple            2nd Aldo Melendez          2nd Aldo Melendez
Belts               3rd Farhan Jahan          3rd Farhan Jahan
9-11 year old          1st Alex Benjamin          1st Alex Benjamin
Males Brown-Black           2nd Pratush Deokinandan        2nd Pratush Deokinandan
Belts               3rd Reuel Austin          3rd Reuel Austin
12-14 year old           1st Navindra Deonarine          1st Navindra Deonarine
Males Green-Purple           2nd Remario Waithe          2nd Remario Waithe
12-14 year old           1st Matthew Gurahoo          1st Matthew Gurahoo
Males Brown-Black           2nd Sruti Jairam          2nd Sruti Jairam
Belts               3rd Aaron Persaud                 3rd Aaron Persaud
3rd Aubrey Bridgewater          3rd Hitesh Deonarine
12-17 year old           1st Christopher James          1st Kevin Fraser
Males White-Orange           2nd Kevin Fraser          2nd Christopher James
18+ Males          1st Malcolm Francis Jnr.          1st Malcolm Francis Jnr.
Green-Purple           2nd Andre Sookram          2nd Andre Sookram
15-17 year old           1st Trevon Miller                    1st Trevon Miller
Males Brown-Black           2nd Charles Benjamin          2nd Shemar Parkinson
Belts                 3rd Shakeem Walcott             3rd Andes Roberts
3rd Andes Roberts                 3rd Shakeem Walcott
18+ Males           1st Roger Peroune          1st Roger Peroune
Brown+Black           2nd Mahadeo Ramotar          2nd Keith Beaton
Belts               3rd Keith Beaton                    3rd Joel Kellman
3rd Malcolm Francis Snr.         3rd Mahadeo Ramotar

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