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Ex-cop confesses to harbouring Camp Street escapees

The Major Crimes Unit of the Guyana Police Force has moved up their investigation as it relates to the brazen prison escape of two notorious criminals – Mark Royden Williams and Uree Varswyck – who broke out of the Camp Street Prison on July 9, after setting the buildings on fire.

Wanted: Uree Varswyck

The News Room has confirmed that 31-year-old Teon Allen, a former policeman, of Lobora Creek, Linden, reportedly confessed to detectives that he provided meals and transportation to the two wanted men following their break out from the prison.

Allen reportedly told the detectives that he moved Varswyck and Williams from one location to another. Williams was on death row for the Bartica Massacre while Varswyck, who is also a former cop, was on remand for murder.

A high-ranking police official confirmed to the News Room that Allen is expected to appear at a Magistrate Court today, charged with Harbouring of Wanted Persons.

Wanted: Royden Williams

The News Room understands that Allen was arrested last week, after police received information that he was seen in the presence of the wanted criminals. The police source also confirmed that Varswyck and Allen were β€œsquaddies” during their time in the police force.

On January 26, Allen and two other men were charged with the illegal possession of an AK-47 and matching ammunition. It was reported that on January 22 at John Street Campbellville, Georgetown the police swooped down on the location and carried out a search when they found an AK-47 assault weapon, 80 rounds of live ammunition and a 9mm pistol.


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Folks, this is a very serious concern of what ex-police officers are doing to harbor criminals in Guyana. Facts: Many times police on the job and retired  cops are involved in criminals activities. Facts: police have stolen weapons in their possession of which they shared with criminals. Facts: Whenever armed gangs target citizens with money, they would take their time to make sure the victims are looted of every penny before leaving through the back land. Plus, whenever you call for police, they don't have vehicle to come immediately, but they would arrive an hours or two later. Put all of this and similar criminal activities together and ask yourself the magic question, who is behind all of this, if not the government. 

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yuji22 posted:

Dem is a bunch of crooks and criminals. Shyte Head Grainjaw gave them assurances that they can do whatever they want to do as long as he is there.

What is interesting is your claim that Granger allows them to do what ever. So why didn't these criminals remain protected.

This looks like a Phantom plot concocted by Jagdeo. Note the EX cop.

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