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Ex-boyfriend tells police girlfriend fell on knife and died


A man accused of killing his 19-year-old girlfriend six years ago has told police that the woman had fallen on a knife that he had in his possession, a senior police officer said.

Police spotted Floyd Rodrigues working at a gold mine at Mahdia and he was promptly arrested in connection with the incident that occurred in 2013 at 6 Miles Arakaka in North West District.

The businesswoman’s name was given as Gweneth β€œMichelle” Alexander.

At the time, Rodrigues and Alexander had had an intimate relationship.

Police sources said the man has not confessed to the killing but claimed that Rodrigues fell on a knife that he had been holding at the time of their disagreement.

Her motionless body, with several stab wounds, had been found on a bed behind a shop that she had owned.

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Prashad posted:
cain posted:

Oh man what a story. It's as bad as a guy tripped and fell into his girlfriend's patax which ended up impregnating her.

Maybe the pregnant nuns can use that story with the pope during the pregnancy investigation by the Vatican.

Immaculate Conception is a Christian concept!

But Prince still trying Parthenogenesis!

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