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Everybody spiting Uncle Freddie

Dec 18, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...y-police-constables/

Uncle Freddie got to be de man de politicians hate more than anything in de world. Jagdeo did hate Uncle Freddie dat he even tek de man to court because he claim how Uncle Freddie call him a racist. When it look like Uncle Freddie gon win dat case all of a sudden de case not getting call anymore.

Anodda time Uncle Freddie was shopping and a group of men throw wha dem boys call fecal matter pon de poor man. Dat matter go to court and one man get jail fuh six months. Kwame did get lockup too.

Uncle Freddie move up to Turkeyen. Dem have a big trench dat run in front of he house. Dem boys use to talk bout de weed in de trench, how it look like if Uncle Freddie was minding manatees.

Since de place is near de Caricom Secretariat and foreign people always coming to Guyana and passing by Uncle Freddie, de government tek shame out of its eyes and clear de drain. Dat is when dem boys realize just how much Jagdeo hate Uncle Freddie.

De cleaners clear de weeds all along de drain, jump de piece in front of Uncle Freddie house and clear de rest of de trench. Thing fuh cry, people does laugh. Some of dem boys laugh.

Jagdeo gone and Soulja Bai come. Freddie mek a sudden change. He start to cuss de same party he vote for in 2015. Dem can’t do nutten right. Everything dem do is a cuss. By de time Uncle Freddie done wid dem, de coalition was de wuss government in de history of Guyana.

Patto, de coalition Minister decide to fix all dem lights pon de Railway Embankment wheh Uncle Freddie live. Of course, Uncle Freddie did write how de place dark because Guyana backward and it don’t know bout lights.

Uncle Freddie was sitting pon he verandah when de lights come on. He see all dem posts get light except de post in front he house. New government same treatment; dat is wha Uncle Freddie seh.

Talk half and watch how spite does wuk.

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