Esplanade Park being renovated by Mayor an Town Council

Esplanade Park being renovated by Mayor an Town Council

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Ministries of Social Cohesion and Communities assists

The Mayor and Town Council of New Amsterdam along with the Government of Guyana are pushing ahead with its Town enhancement programme.
At the moment mammoth rehabilitation work is ongoing at the Esplanade Park, situated in North Western New Amsterdam. This work is being done by the Council through finances made available by the Ministry of Social Cohesion.

The area had been renamed the Esplanade Recreational Park and Botanical Gardens.
Leading the charge in the upgrading programme is Mayor Winifred Haywood.
Mayor Haywood stated that the facility was left to deterioration by the previous administration. With the advent of the Collation Government all of that has changed with funds being made available.
The facility which sits on 600 square feet of land was famous in the olden days for its Band Stand which hosted open air concerts with a playfield and a swimming pool nearby. The once famous swimming pool has since been overrun by huge trees and big bushes and laden with Alligators and other reptiles. Efforts are being made to rehabilitate the swimming pool.
In 1998 under the Mayor ship of Prominent Businessman Errol Alphonso the town twinned with Midland Texas in the USA. During that twinning exercise the Play field was rehabilitated and a Pavillion was built (named the Midland Ball Field and pavillion).
In the early 90’s, the Council in collaboration with the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam worked together to develop the Esplanade Park.
A while ago the Esplanade Kiddies Park, located at the venue was first rehabilitated by Courts and then Digicel.  It is in need of repairs now.
According to information the Esplanade Park area was once occupied by slaves.
So far substantial under bushing of the area has been undertaken with the perimeter drains been dug. According to Mayor Haywood, this will also help with the drainage of the town which is prone to flooding especially during the rainy season. The facility is to be fenced and an arch constructed.
Recently the Council through the Ministry of Communities signed a $14M contract with a Berbice contractor to do further extensive works at the facilities.
Among the works earmarked to be done are the fencing of the inner field, installation of 25 led Lights around the perimeter, construction of 10 benabs, two Kissing Bridges and a walk way among other conveniences.
The venue boasts a number of concrete benches which were donated by the business community.
The Esplanade Park when completed is set to house an inner field and an outer track. Soft ball cricket, football, athletics, amateur games and cultural activities will be held regularly at the venue.

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