E’bo businessman takes another plunge with second supermarket

May 30, 2017 News, http://www.kaieteurnewsonline....-second-supermarket/

Eight years ago, businessman Iftikar Mohamed, better known as ‘Ifti’, established the first supermarket “Safeway” on the Essequibo Coast. Yesterday, he became the first businessman to establish a supermarket in the Good Hope-Supenaam district.

“Safeway two” located in Supenaam, was officially declared open yesterday, after five years of contemplation.

Mohamed said that despite negativities, he was determined to establish a supermarket in the area. “There was a lot of chatter that it would be unwise to invest in Supenaam. People would say that the market is poor and it’s not worth it. The feasibility study, however, proved otherwise. We realized that yes, our target market was different from the majority of the coast, but that didn’t make it poor… people here are loggers, fishermen, miners and dredge owners, sawmillers, boat operators etc. Supenaam is the gateway between the interior and the Coast. We would be expecting the support from islanders. Wakenaam and Troolie Island are populated; people would travel from those islands way over to Parika and to Anna Regina, now they can cross over to Supenaam.”

Mohamed is confident that his multimillion-dollar investment would be profitable, since the closest competition is five miles away, and more importantly he has had great support over the years.

The 42-year-old father of four believes that he has the expertise to handle the market. Many have described him as “an honest, God-fearing man”.

Mohamed donated a part of his land towards the construction of a Masjid funded out of his generosity for the community.

The supermarket’s opening was graced with the presence of Minister Amna Ally, who told the gathering that, “I am not a frequent visitor to Essequibo, but from what I am seeing I can say that Region two is on the go. We are not just talking development but also seeing development, since this is the second branch of Safeway supermarket in the region. I am really happy that my brother had also built a Masjid aback of this building; I trust that all of us would see it as something good for this community. Do not see it as a challenge to business but as development for the community”.

Customers seemed very impressed with the supermarket’s prices and standards. Among some of the remarks were, “I feel comfortable shopping at Safeway here, I’ve never had a chance to shop at Safeway one in Anna Regina, so this is my first experience and I’m loving it.”… “I love the fact that it’s spacious, well ventilated”… “The price here is great, it’s what I love the best, usually things are expensive down in Supenaam, but I think the price here at Safeway is okay. Then there’s variety to choose from, everything in one place finally.”

Mohamed said that he is forever grateful to the Almighty, and to his loving family. He is also thankful to the people of Good Hope-Supenaam who supported him from construction onwards.

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