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Questions about the notion being peddled by the APNU+AFC Coalition that People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was taken over by former president, Bharrat Jagdeo, were raised during by Kaieteur News radio last Friday (November 8, 2019). And People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) presidential candidate, Dr. Irfaan Ali, who appeared on the radio programme, trashed these as misleading notions being pushed by elements antagonistic to the PPP/C.

He said, “Let me dispel this perception. Bharrat Jagdeo did not take control of the PPP. Bharrat Jagdeo was elected as General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party through a democratic process. He is also the Leader of the Opposition and that too was done through a democratic process, where the leadership of the Party reposed that confidence in him.” According to him, Jagdeo has competencies that all Guyanese can stand to benefit from once it is utilized by the next government and is a skilled politician.

“Bharrat Jagdeo is the PPP General Secretary. I am the PPP/C presidential candidate. Of course his skills would add value to my government… it would make the PPP/C in government successful…I have no hang-ups about who I am. I have no hang-ups about my credentials and my qualifications.” Last week, Ali dismissed the repeating notion being peddled about a puppet show.

“To those who believe that this is a puppet show, go back to my period as Minister of Housing look at the results…review my performance…I am my own man and I am well supported and I’m very thankful for the support of all the leaders in the People’s Progressive Party….whilst I see myself as my own man, I see myself as part of a team that has a collective responsibility, collective ideas to take our country forward,” he said.

Asked specifically, by Kaieteur Radio, about what role Jagdeo would play in the next PPP/C government, Ali said, “I have not discussed this with him…the issue about whether he will want to play a role has not come up….Irfaan Ali would love to have a man with such skills and such competence serving him as president. I would love to have him serving in my government….we have to bring the best competencies, the best skills that are available nationally to take this country forward…I have not discussed this with him, I would love to have Bharrat Jagdeo as my Vice President…from a personal standpoint, I would want the best team and the most competent team.”

In a prior interview, Ali explained that the importance of working as a team to deliver for the Guyanese people cannot be understated. “When I’m elected as president, I’ll be part of a team that that would be the caveat and I believe in a team approach. I’ll be part of a team. The team would have to ensure that we get results but the buck would stop at me as president…yes I have a lot of experience in politics but I am part of a bigger team that has even greater experience – a team that I think, when we pull together all our skills and the different competencies and skill set, presents more to the Guyanese people.”

The PPP/C presidential candidate stressed that “together” Guyanese are stronger.


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