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A doctor attached to the C Field Sophia Health Centre, Greater Georgetown, was on Wednesday left in a state of shock after he was attacked by a bandit pretending to be a patient at the medical facility.

Reports are at about 14:00hrs, while he was on his cellphone in the compound of the health centre, the man, pretending to be in pain, walked into the compound and approached the doctor.

The thief snatched the cellphone and dashed out of the compound.

INews was told that persons in the vicinity saw what had occurred and alerted the security guard.

“We didn’t even hear anything because he didn’t scream, is a little while after then some people who saw come and say well the doctor get rob,” a security guard at the health facility informed.

By that time, the suspect had already managed to escape and was nowhere to be found.

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skeldon_man posted:
Billy Ram Balgobin posted:

Change the name from Sophia to Trenchtown.

Slumtown Sophia?

Sophia is part of Guyana and as a Guyanese, you shouldn't suggest renaming it to whatever suits you. If I have to agree with you, you will have to rename Skeldon to shithole paradise. 

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