Do copper bracelets really work?

Amral posted:

I am just curious, I read pros and cons. I am thinking it is more mind over matter. If you believe it works then in your mind it is working.

Hey, if it works for Brett Favre, then it should work for all heh? Now they have socks too. Next might be a cap for headaches.

My dad has been wearing one he says for a number of years.

The inside of his elbow started to pain suddenly. He was telling me and says that he might rub some ointment on it and see if it helps.

Then suddenly he remembered that he had taken off the bracelet a few days before and did not put it back on. I told him ok, do not rub the ointment, put the bracelet back on and see what happens.

He called me back 2 days later and said the pain is all gone.

So I dunno

I am all for natural health but when it comes to using items such as bracelets...wands...stones..I am not into that. During the therapies I worked with, some clients would ask if it is not mind over matter instead of the therapies themself and my answer would be...whatever works stay with it. However, I did have a few clients who used the bracelets and I ask myself if it works why would they come see me?

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