Django assumes

Drugb posted:

Apparently once you expose the PNC for their wickedness, you become a racist in django's mind. 

That's the extent of Django's intelligence. Same as Carib, they cannot face the facts so they use racism as an excuse.

No wonder Django posted that Indo suffering under the 28 years of PNC racism and discrimination under two Afro dictators is a myth.

Prince posted:

That Prince is a dutty, stinking, racist coolie that he can't stand on GNI.   I am shocked that he would think this low of me.


Oye Prince,

After some deep thought about "Racist Indians", have concluded such individuals can correct themselves,I have deep respect for the human race and their cultural upbringing,nothing is pure there will be some contaminants,it's our duty assist such individuals, i am a straight shooter,will tell that person(s) he is wrong when they are in my company and they portray themselves to have such characteristics,I don't know you  personally,we have met in cyber world.

I may have misjudged from your response to posts that maybe you have such traits.I maybe wrong and if it's such i stand corrected and sincerely you have my apology.

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