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Staying the course, popular or not and enforcing the rules. Comply or you're gone. 

Its his joint and he sets the rule. I prefer this type of approach and it will clean up GNI for good. DJ's biggest victory yet is cleaning up the mess with members who post misleading article headings and not posting sources.

Members should respect the right of others to express a political opinion different from theirs. Not everyone is a leftists, socialist, capitalist or conservative. 

The new enforcers are DJ and Trump. Drain the swamp. DJ for VP in 2020 ! 

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Sean posted:

Dat is one of of our Indos ancestors from India. Could very well be DJ Great Great Aaja ka pappa.

hey hey hey

Bhai ,my maternal ancestors are Aboriginals of North Western India ,today they are scheduled caste. Got to dig up on my paternal side ,my father claimed to be Kshatriya ,which doesn't mean nothing to me.

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