Detained for 10 hours at airport

Nehru posted:

Shah Rukh Khan better stay far from America. Go to Canada Shah Rukh Bhai.!!!!

Who the hell is SRK? Let him wait like everybody else to come in to America and stop complaining. When Pakistan ban his film from showing there, his mouth gone in he BT. 

Chief posted:

Yep he is definitely coming to Canada this year.

Had a meeting last Sunday with a group who will be bringing Sharukh to Toronto.

You done stink up America, now you taking you nasty habit to Canada?  I hope Trump lock all you rass out for good when you cross into Canada.

Bibi Haniffa posted:

The Department of Homeland Security is doing their job.  I would rather one man get detained than two planes fly into a building.

Foreign students less interested in studying in the USA. Note that a major export for the USA is its universities.  And a major talent pool for STEM research are foreigners given that Americans all want to be lawyers or makers of game apps for smartphones.

And importantly tourist arrivals into the USA are estimated to be down by 17% based on bookings. Too bad for FL which voted for Trump.

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