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Dem nurses fighting fuh chicken feed

Oct 15, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Source - Kaieteur News Online -

Kaieteur News – Dem boys seh…

Dem boys hear all kind of things in dem lifetime. But dem never hear so much nonsense as wah de GPSU talking. Imagine dem seh dat all nurses must be made frontline workers. So what is the use of a definition of frontline workers? If all nurses is frontline workers why have a special allowance for frontline workers?

But dat is how dem union does operate these days. And dem gat nuff of dem workers does follow dem.

All dem nurses expose to risk. But surely dem wah directly dealing with de COVID-19 must be considered to be more exposed to risk dan dem other nurses. So it is these nurses who should be considered as de frontline workers?

And is a paltry G$5,000 per month dem fighting fuh. When de country leff $55B on the negotiating table of dem oil company. Dat money is equivalent to 40 years of our annual Budget. So imagine if you get 40 years salary one time what you could do with it.

Dem boys nah need Nigel, Mingo or de Lolo man fuh do this calculation.

Dem boys gan do it themselves. Leh we suppose dem nurses wukkin fuh G$80,000 per month. Well dat is 960,000 per year. Leh we round it off to a cool million. Now imagine if dem nurses bin get G$40M one time. Yuh think dem would have need fuh any risk allowance?

Dem would do like dem boys: kack up dem foot, sip whisky and smoke cigar all day.

Talk half and watch how dem nurses fighting fuh dem chicken feed allowance.

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