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Dem boys seh…Lef de people cow, or else

October 19, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News
Source - Kaieteur News

Things really bad. Wid all dem woman around a man got to mek love to a cow. Dem boys seh that is either he think he is a bull or because wid a cow he can’t get AIDS.

And de man heading fuh serious problems because dem boys in jail waiting pun he. Dem don’t mek joke wid people who trouble children and dem who trouble animals.

De thing is that dem in jail done know bout dem lock up suh dem does be extra cruel. When dem doing things to dem who dem feel worse than criminals it does tek nuff of dem to dish out de treatment.

Dem boys seh that de man who kill he own children in severe pain because is nearly a dozen men put dem hand pun anything that dem coulda find and dem use it. Is de same thing guh happen to this man who trouble de cow.

He might find heself in de same position as de cow and of course, dem boys seh that some prisoners are extraordinary.

And dem boys sorry that dem didn’t tek a chance and buy some minibus right now. Dem woulda mek money renting de bus to de Big Man party. Transportation is a big thing. People got to move from all over de country to a particular meeting place. Dem woulda mek money renting out de bus to carry people to Linden.

But de Linden experience was something else. Some of de people who been to de rally never been to Linden suh dem walk round de town. Some never hear de speech and some never know who talk last.

Dem boys seh that de political rally is de new tourism because is a package. People get to lef dem house, assemble at a place wheh dem get a free meal; then dem meet at a place wheh dem get an allowance (which is a new word fuh pay) and then dem get free transportation.

Elections is a nice time.

Talk half. Lef half.
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