Dem boys seh…Irfaat skin up Linden Mango

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Is a long time now people believe that de government buy out everybody but nobody ever believe that because dem didn’t have proof. Dem boys seh that dem use to know people who use to talk and criticize and all of a sudden dem same people get quiet.

From de time people stop talking everybody know that somebody tek money from dem boys in de government.

De Mango from Linden had a lot of things to talk about. He criticize de government and he even talk when dem Linden people stage a protest.

But dem boys know something was wrang when he start fuh miss dem rally and dem other public function. If Linden had some big event he use to deh in town suh he didn’t have to talk.

Dem boys didn’t know that he get a big offer fuh land at Pradoville2. Lunchman announce how de man got de land and right away shame mek he issue a statement how he ain’t pay no money and how nobody didn’t call he a second time.

Dem boys seh that de truth don’t hide. As soon as de mango open he mouth—and he had de whole APNU behind he—de boys in de government find de cheque that he pay fuh de land, He had plans to live at Pradoville2.

APNU shame and de Mango more shame. He claim that when he send de cheque he decide fuh mek dem stop de payment. Dem boys want to know why write de check in de fuss place.

Dem boys seh that he get pay off and that dem gun tek pay too. Dem want de big ones to know that dem ready to tek just like how de Mango tek. And when dem tek dem gun stop talking half.

Dem mightn’t stop talking all together but fuh sure dem gun stop seeing some of de things dem seeing now.

And dem gun miss seeing Sharma TV.

Talk half. Lef half.
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