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Dem boys seh…Bar Rat mouth foaming when he talk

November 9, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News
Source - Kaieteur News

Bar Rat running mad. He been to Whim last week. Moses been deh too. He go back this week and is when he open he mouth people see de foam at he mouth corner. Is then dem know that de man mad.

Right away dem Whim people send to Fort Canje fuh four strang man and a strait-jacket. He wipe one side mouth wid he sleeve. If you see froth like when dem horse done run two mile.

Dem boys write up wha he seh in de papers, Check inside. Donald get frighten. He come off de stage when Bar Rat start talk.

De man really run mad when he hear how he gun end up in Camp Street. He want five more years? He gun get it but wheh? It could be Mazaruni too.

Anyhow, some of de corrupt laptops wha gun help he go to Mazaruni, come, and people start fuh get. But de thing that mek dem boys sit up and wonder if slavery done was when Bar Rat announce that all who want laptop got to wuk in any area somebody send dem.

Dem boys believe that some of de people got to do election campaigning fuh AFC, APNU, PPPC, and TUF, and call it community service.

When he hand over de first set of laptops Bar Rat had to mek a speech. De people sit back and think de man gun talk about care of de laptops that de people pay for anyhow. Instead, de man start fuh cuss de Waterfalls paper. He tun and tell de people how de Waterfalls paper did write how de people who get de laptops gun watch porn. Lie. De Waterfalls paper never seh suh. Somebody had porn pun dem mind and was not de Waterfalls people.

Dem boys know that everybody at de Waterfalls paper got wife/husband and children. Nuff of de Bees can’t seh de same thing. That is why dem does gang up in de house at Versailles fuh watch porn before dem could get dem act together.

But de people know why Bar Rat talk bout porn. De Bees love money suh much that dem filming demself mekking porn and selling. Is dem de people got to frighten. Dem gun download dem porn and give out de laptops. Dem want corrupt people children. Kwame know de story. He done corrupt.

Talk half. Lef half.
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