Dem boys seh…Amaila money secret like State House

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Guyana got money galore. Since dem boys blink is nuff millions spending and is not money that dem lending countries giving we. Is money poor people pay as VAT and as tax and money that some of dem was to get as pension but which de government keep.

Dem have a word fuh that but dem boys know that de government honest. Even if dem push dem whole hand in de Treasury dem only tekking wha deh inside. And if dem tek wha deh outside is not thiefing. Is tekking.

Suh dem tekking money in different ways. Imagine dem put out an international tender fuh de hydro project. Dem select a bid because de Chinese company put in a bid that was close to what de government intend to spend on de project. That shoulda be de price of de project but it change even before de Chinese company even put in a screw or a rivet.

Dem boys seh that wha happen was that when somebody do de Maths dem find out that de drawback was too small.

De people who got to build de project ain’t ask fuh nutten. Dem ain’t even start buying anything but de honest people in Guyana decide that things gone up. Who gun tek de extra money? De Chinese done agree pun wha dem gun spend. Anything else is extra. But is who getting de extra? That is wha dem boys want to know.

And dem boys can’t talk because dem does get spite. Dem repairing a road and when dem meet by one of dem boys dem stop, jump he house and continue. But dem jump too far because some of de man neighbour get ketch in de spiting.

Dem boys seh that dem people shouldn’t spite de neighbours. He don’t mind de spite because he got to talk bout de tekking and de pay off and the gifts to de Bees and things like that.

But is who tekking de extra money from Amaila? That is a state secret. It more secret than de Pentagon and de Vatican and State House.

Talk half. Lef half.
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corruption left right and center. DG this is what you like though right?

All this secrecy is the fuel for corruption.

Gerhard and all them AFC boys, secrets is a fuel for corruption.

The AFC promise full transparency in its action.

Good luck AFC, you got my vote.

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