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Dem boys seh …Rice Ton about to be a movie star

Oct 30, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-to-be-a-movie-star/

Oil coming to Guyana and extra money suppose to come. De foreign people advise dat de govt put aside some of dis money fuh hard times. Dat extra money is what dem call de Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Dem boys want to know why foreign governments got to advise de people of Guyana wha dem must do wid dem money.

Every li’l child know when you get extra money wha you must do wid it. Dem know dem have to bank it. One bank does call it early savings.

But dem boys want Guyana to know dem could have a lot of extra money wha dem put aside and end up more poor than how dem start.

Tek fuh example, Guyana put $100 million of de extra oil money in a bank and de bank offer three percent interest.

You tun back and borrow $100 million from China to build road and bridges. Dem charge you six percent interest. Do de Maths.

De bank pay you three percent and you paying six. Dem boys seh you gon end up using you own money fuh pay back de loan and still owe.

De best advice is to spend you own money fuh develop you country and stop borrowing. Jagdeo seh publicly how he re-invest de rice money at a higher interest rate to wha Guyana had to pay Venezuela.

To dis day SOCU can’t find de rice, de rice land much less de money. Plenty things nobody can’t find. Dem couldn’t find Rice Ton fuh nuff things.

Now de man getting ready to star in a movie called “From pauper to a King”. He was a broke Mofo who use to ketch shart drap car to come to de Waterfalls paper. Now de man gat two high-end vehicle.

Dis same Rice King couldn’t pay he mortgage and he use to squat pon de reserve to hide from de bank. Now dem boys hear he got nuff property all about de city.

A man who know him now asking where else could a man who was a streetwalker suddenly be surrounded by bodyguards, chauffeurs, personal assistants, and other underlings.

Dis same man who use to drink water from a standpipe now being seen regularly dining at ritzy restaurants and sipping the most expensive wines.

It will be a nice movie.

Talk half and wait fuh de end of de movie.

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