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Dem boys seh…City Treasurer hiding from Parliament

Feb 21, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists,

Silence or absence can either be interpreted as yes or no, good or bad, positive or negative, in various situations. City Hall is a classic case. Millions disappear and billions spend and dem can’t account fuh any.

All this happen under de Town Clown, de Clown Clerk and de treasurer, Run Mc. Parliament decide to haul dem in fuh fitness on Monday. Dem ask de man fuh bring de books and come fuh explain wheh de money gone.

Dem boys hear de running man get diarrhea right away.  Then he send a message to parliament that he got doctor’s appointment. Everybody know when you are de man who sign de cheques; who deal wid de vouchers and you dodging, something got to be wrang. Something more than fishy going on.

De meeting at Parliament done Monday and ee tun out to wuk at City Hall Tuesday. Little do he know that next week Monday dem waiting pun him at Parliament to answer de same questions he run from.

Dem boys hope he don’t tell dem ee got another doctor appointment. He can go to de same man who give Jagdeo de plug fuh ee diarrhea.

De next people to end up in parliament is Dow and Sing from de forestry. Dem seh dem investigating illegal logging by BaiShanLin a lang time now.

When dem boys ask dem is who truck fetching de illegal lumber, dem seh dem ain’t get down to de bottom of that yet. If that is not big time cover-up, dem boys don’t know what is, because de trucks got big BaiShanLin write pun dem; clear number plates – no mud deh pun it or no lumber block it – and GRA could tell you in less than five minutes who de owners are.

Forestry also have officahs station at strategic location that could tell everybody wha concession every piece of lumber come from.

Talk half and tell Dow and Sing don’t mek people jackasses. Y’all know full well wha going on.

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