Very sadly, we would like to inform the general public of the passing of our brother Mr. Kamal Persaud, formerly of Leonora, West Coast Demerara, Guyana, who resided in London, England since 1964. He was the Youngest Station Master in Guyana's History, and was always considered a perfect Gentleman. He passedaway on Mon., May 29, 2017 at home in London, England.

He was the eldest son Of Mr. Kemchand Kowlessar(Walker) and Doris Kowlessar, brother of:-

Kowar Persaud (passed away on Dec 31,1978)

Chandroutie (Chan- England)

Kawall - Queens N.Y.

Deomattie (Indra)-Bronx N.Y.

Ajhoda Kowlessar (Kaye)- Mississauga

Lilowtie Kowlessar (Data)- Bronx N.Y.

Premwantie Singh(Molly)     "        "

Khemchand Kowlessar (Scientist) "   "

Kampta Kowlessar (Matchstick)     "   "

Komal Kowlessar  (Trini)                  "    "

Sharmattie Kowlessar(Pershad) Vaughan, Ont.

Yashmani Kowlessar (Yashi) Bronx, N.Y.

Kamal was married to Ms. Savitri Budhan Of Providence (Eccles) East Bank Demerara, and were the proud parents of Davendra  and Anila

Funeral arrangements for the deceased is in the planning stages at present but we will keep you posted.


Kishore Kowlessar



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