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De police buss up de big cover up wid de Clown Clerk and de Mare

Oct 18, 2017 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...n-clerk-and-de-mare/

Nearly six weeks pass since a city police ketch he junior officer forcing a li’l boy to do wickedness wid him. He write a statement bout what he see and he give it to de Mare. When dem boys call she, she claim how she investigating.

De fuss time she seh she had no statement. De second time she seh it lass; and de third time she seh de Clown put it up.

De story die down and dem boys pick it up again. All this time de Mare and de Clown Clerk pretending that nutten ain’t happen. De matter reach de Child Protection Agency and dem call de police, but still de Mare and de Clown Clerk seh how dem got to investigate.

He tell ee mattie Clowns in de Council that dem mustn’t listen to wha deh in de Waterfalls paper. He seh de matter ain’t prove and is just an allegation.

Yesterday when de Mare and de Clown Clerk hear police coming it was a different ball game. Dem knock off both ranks. De fuss one dem knack off is de man who report de plugging. Dem seh he like see and love to talk.

De Clown who sign de dismissal letter seh de rank didn’t mek an entry into de book like how de li’l boy mek an entry into de junior rank. Hence de dismissal.

Then he knock off de junior rank—de one who get plug. All de time dem was covering up de matter. Dem believe dem knock him off and tell him to ‘run out de compound quick suh de police don’t put hand pun you’.

De Mare and de Clown Clerk believe dem was smart. Dem didn’t know de police was waiting round de corner fuh him.

Last night he end up sleeping in a place wheh he don’t have to tek advantage pun no li’l pickney. Big man gun tek advantage pun him.

Talk half and hope de Mare and de Clown Clerk can peep and write a statement next day.

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