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De Old Year leffing some spiteful people behind

Dec 31, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...teful-people-behind/

Is amazing de length to which people would go to spite somebody. Fuh this week alone is two people decide to be spiteful. And in both cases dem bun down de house and lef nuff people without a roof over dem head.

One was in Berbice. De owner had a problem wid a man who get really vex and threaten to out de woman light.

Poor child, she get frighten and go over at a neighbor fuh safety. Is when she by de neighbor that somebody tell she how she house on fire.

And was a nice house. It had a little of everything. De lady did decorate de house nice fuh de Christmas. Now New Year come and she don’t have a roof.

But is de odda one on Princes Street that still got people talking. Dem boys see de blaze like if it appear out of nowhere. To mek matters worse, dem house deh close together so when one burn is odda houses it does carry.

Somebody claim how a man get vex and bun de house. Wha dem boys know fuh sure is a man dead. He run home when he hear de house on fire. People see him running up and down de road and hollering.

Some people seh he was a pressure case. Dem boys wouldn’t give dem mouth de liberty to mek such a statement. Dem see de man fall down suddenly and de next thing dem hear is people seh he got to rush to de hospital. De man dead.

Now people want to know if de man who set de house on fire gun get charge fuh murder because is de fore mek somebody dead.

People see nuff confusion. People want to fight and women holding back people. Was nuff bad blood at de scene. De end result is that people don’t have somewhere to live. Some of dem who get de li’l raise from de government did put up some. That bun up in de fire. Fuh some people de Old Year really carrying everything.

Talk half and watch out fuh de madness.

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Tenant collapses, dies as Princes St. home burns

Dec 31, 2019 News, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...inces-st-home-burns/

By Shikema Dey

It was a chaotic scene yesterday afternoon at Princes Street, Wortmanville, as a fire of unknown origin destroyed a two-storey wooden and concrete rented building; leaving one tenant dead, several homeless and a homeowner assaulted., Michael Northe, collapsed and later passed away landlord, Dexter Copeland

Dead is 47-year-old Michael Northe, a driver attached to the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs.

Northe collapsed at the sight of his home for more than four years being ravaged by flames. He later succumbed.

When Kaieteur News arrived on the scene, firefighters were attempting to extinguish the blaze in the upper flat of the house.

The fire reportedly started around noon.

According to information received, about seven persons occupied the top flat of the building, while the home owner and another person resided in the lower flat.

One tenant, Kerron Campbell explained that he had just returned from Linden, when he was met with his Lot 48 Princes Street home on fire. Campbell, who lives with his son and reputed wife, Latoya Regis, relayed that his losses totaled over $3 million. Michael Northe

β€œI was out and just reach back and come and see the place on fire. The most I coulda do is throw two bucket water, but that ain’t help nothing. The house had everything, we shop for Christmas, TV, fridge, bed, chair set, everything, all we documents… everything; nothing ain’t save.” top flat of the building was destroyed

Campbell disclosed that they only moved into the premises a mere two months ago. According to him, they were informed that the fire started in the back apartment in the upper flat. This section was said to belong to a female tenant who was not around at the time.Another distraught tenant, 32-year-old Shauncey McDonald stated that she too was out and received a call that the house was on fire. Upon arriving, she said, the upper flat was already destroyed.

β€œI was living there for just a month. I just left the house and somebody call and seh the place on fire but I didn’t believe; I thought it was just a prank…is till when I come and see the place done burn.”The mother of four explained that all of her important documents were destroyed in the fire.

According to her, while losing the household materials was disheartening, the documents were of more importance.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s brother, Kelvin could not estimate his losses. The man stated that all he was left with were the clothes on his back. He had moved from the West Bank of Demerara to facilitate his job. train their hose on the smouldering upper flat Campbell sits with his reputed wife, Latoya, near the fire scene

β€œMe ain’t get nothing left… nothing! Everything burn up. I can’t even say how much I lost, I just get a call and is this I meet.”

The fire scene got chaotic after another tenant, Michael Northe, arrived on the scene and within seconds, collapsed.

Concerned neighbours frantically tried to keep the man conscious until paramedics arrived on the scene, and exchanged words with police officers on the scene, who asked them to leave the man alone.But they were determined to save his life. However, their efforts were unfortunately in vain as the man later died. Neighbours explained that the man lived in the building for more than four years. He was described as a quiet individual. Minutes later, the landlord, Dexter Copeland received a beating from another tenant after refusing him entry into the home.

Neighbours were forced to break up the scuffle that left Copeland sporting a bloodied nose and other lacerations. McDonald McDonald

It was said that the tenants and the landlord did not have favourable relations. Kaieteur News understands that the landlord and another tenant have an ongoing court matter.

β€œThe landlord and everybody got an issue, he don’t get along with nobody, is always an issue. He is a trouble maker but we try to make do with it. One girl got her man and the boy used to park he car on the parapet, and like the landlord cause some trouble about it, and now they got to go court for it.”

Meanwhile, Divisional Commander of the Guyana Fire Service, Gregory Wickham told reporters at the scene that three water tenders responded to the call and were able to control the fire.
Investigations are ongoing.

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