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De Mayor and Clown Clerk covering up plugging

Oct 17, 2017 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...overing-up-plugging/

Is either de Mayor love de city constable or de city constable love de Mayor. This constable arrest a li’l boy because he had he eye pun de li’l boy. He mek de boy sit down pun a bench till everybody sleeping then he mek he move.

De boy seh he was threatened wid jail, then forced to plug him up.

Another city police hear de love sounds and peep. De man seh wha he see he coulda never believe if he mudda did tell him dem things does happen.

De one who see tell dem boys how de li’l boy mek that big man a prisoner. He seh de li’l boy bend him over de table and was spanking him.

Is two months now since he write a statement and give de Mayor but she and de Clown Clerk, King, want more evidence. Dem boys believe she want de li’l boy to spank de constable, again, this time in she presence.

Yesterday at a council meeting de matter come up. Dem boys want to know since when de Mayor and de Clown Clerk getting involve in de plugging of a constable. Something ain’t smelling right and it very s**ty.

Dem boys hope de police, real police tek over this matter and charge de constable, de Mayor and that clown fuh town clerk.

Talk half and watch how dem covering up child ABUSE.

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cain posted:

You rass notice "pluggin up" see how fast you run in here?

I make a habit to check on whether you cretins are responding to PNC incompetence.  But on the same note, you are the 1st of the sloppy crew to show up, maybe the excitement of a good "plugging up" brought you in from the cold. 

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