De li’l gyal at de battam ah see wha de big man doing pun tap

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Birds of a feather does flock together. Animals of de same kind does gather together. Ants and bees does hive together. People of de same kind does mek up an association.

One religious leader, explaining de meaning of association, use a raindrop as a good example. He tell dem boys a raindrop from de sky, if it falls in clean hands, is pure enough fuh drinking.

If it fall in de gutter, especially dem gutter in Guyana, its value drops so much that it can’t be used even for washing a stink foot.

If it falls on a hot road surface it will evaporate. If it falls on a lotus leaf it shines like a pearl and finally, if it falls on an oyster, it becomes pearly.

De drop is de same, but its existence, worth and value depends on who it is associated with.

Dem boys seh always associate wid people who are good at heart. Careful wid de political leaders you associate wid. Jagdeo is one you should keep far from. De drop mustn’t fall pun he head, he foot or nowhere close to him, because it gun be wuss than if it fall in a Guyana gutter.

Dem got others who would more than corrupt that raindrop. Customs got nuff scamp and is not dem boys seh suh; de chief seh suh. A scheme that he don’t know ‘bout yet is that a certain senior female officer demanding a set of money every week from she officers stationed at de various ports.

This woman building a mansion to replace a house that disappear. Dem boys hear she telling a friend that if de big ones at de top, like Curly and others, can demand and tek, wha happen to she. After all, she got to associate wid she peers.

Talk half and wait fuh de chief association.

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